Monday, January 28, 2008


Karen Neches is the author of the just released novel, EARTHLY PLEASURES. Amazingly prolific, she also writes under the name Karin Gillespie and is the nationally bestselling author of The Sweet Potato Queen’s First Big-Ass Novel with Jill Conner Browne and three novels in the critically acclaimed Bottom Dollar Girl series. She’s the founder of the virtual tour The Girlfriend Circuit as well as the grog for Southern authors A Good Blog is Hard to Find. She is a former lifestyle columnist for the Augusta Chronicle.

EARTHLY PLEASURES has been chosen as a Booksense Notable for February and snagged a wonderful review from Publishers’ Weekly. I love the cover and am looking forward to reading this very intriguing-sounding book! (Gotta love that pitch: The Lovely Bones meets Bridget Jones!). Karen was kind enough to answer some questions for me.

What was the inspiration behind the writing of EARTHLY PLEASURES?

I had this sudden thought: Lovely Bones meets Bridget Jones. I was so excited, I felt like I’d discovered how to turn rocks into gold. Then I spoke with a publicist who said, “What a horrific notion.” Too late. I was already 70,000 words in. My agent hated it. My editor wanted to use it for kindling. I almost gave up on it. I cursed the novel many times but now it’s my favorite.

What is the elevator pitch for EARTHLY PLEASURES?

Skye Sebring is a greeter in Heaven who falls hard for a mortal on Earth, named Ryan. She ends up following him to Earth and learning all of my life lessons through five Beatle songs

What is one thing you’ve learned about the publishing industry since
getting your first book deal?

The most important thing to a book's success is house enthusiasm. An author needs to do everything he or she can to generate excitement well before the book is published.

Who are the top three writers who have influenced your writing style?

Donna Tartt (she’s a genius. I can barely type her name without wanting to burn incense in homage). Anne Tyler (I would faint if I met her) and Anne Lamott (I’m thinking of getting an Anne Lamott tattoo I adore her so much.)

What are you reading now?

I just finished THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE by Julie Buxbaum. Read it now. Thank me later.

Be sure and check out Karen's Web site. I wish her a big success with EARTHLY PLEASURES!


Anonymous said...

The premise of the book and the attitude of the author sound fabulous! Nice upbeat interview.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the great post!

And for the mention on the chicklit yahoo list